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random thoughts

I’m really tired.

I don’t quite know how I feel about coming up as the fifth link in a Google search for “badda bing.”

I just know my days are numbered. I have never gotten pulled over but I speed all the time. I had that familiar “my time is up” feeling when a cop pulled onto the highway from the shoulder and followed me for a bit today. As usual, though…he ended up going somewhere I wasn’t.

I really need to get my emissions done and mail in my ad valorem check before I leave for Whistler.

I am thankful I have good health insurance. I got my follow-up Pap results back and there were abnormal cells and a tiny yeast infection. This is after going through a LEEP and treatment for my first-ever yeast infection a few months ago. Sheesh.

I am afraid to go home tonight—my floors won’t be there anymore!

I’m going to get back to work now.

I’d rather be taking a nap.

water damage bites

So the damage to my condo is even worse than I thought. The damp carpet was not dry today so I knew I needed to call someone to come dry and clean the carpet lest mold spores multiply and make my life a living hell. I searched on Google and followed one of those little text ads to find a nice family-run business with impressive experience. I met the vice president of the company at my place (he’s also a technician) this afternoon and watched him use a little handheld sensor, a dangerous looking pointy metal stick, and other devices to tell me how wet my place still is.

The hardwood floors are off the scale in moisture. Guess what that means? Yep, they have to rip up the entire floor and leave me with slab for several days while it dries. Oh, and that also means that I have to live with these insanely loud blowdryer things and dehumidifiers in my place for a few days. I am writing this from the chocolate chip cookie-comfort of a Doubletree Guest Suites (with free high-speed wireless Internet access! woo hoo!).

blowers in my dining room
my dining room
my kitchen
blowers in my bedroom
my bedroom

I don’t know if insurance will cover my room tonight, but I don’t really care. There’s no way I could sleep at home—the AC or heater can’t run and it’s actually really warm in there…almost 80 degrees!

Anyway, at one point this afternoon the technician poked some holes in my ceiling where the little beeper thingy told him it was still wet. Water poured right out of the ceiling into his bucket. Great. But it could be LOT worse. It really could. So I’m grateful it’s not.

I found out that my association’s insurance may cover part of the damage too. They cover structural damage caused by sudden accidents like this. The question is what’s structural and what’s my personal property, especially for things like my hardwood floors. We’ll see…I’m meeting the adjuster from my personal insurance company and the technician that was out there today at 8:30 a.m.

One good thing that will hopefully come out of this is concerning the hardwoods. I’ve never really liked the color of the floor and I would rather the boards be arranged on the diagonal…it’s a much nicer look and makes the place look bigger. Since they have to replace the entire floor anyway, I’ve asked for an estimate of how much extra it would cost to get a different color wood and lay it on the diagonal. I also am going to get an estimate on replacing the carpet in my office and bedroom, since they have to be cleaned anyway and I’d been planning to replace the carpet in a few months too. So cross your fingers the estimates won’t be ridiculous…I’d really like to get that work done. I might even be trading the company some Web design and development because their sites could use some help—that might make it more affordable.

Once I escaped the din of my condo, I checked into the Doubletree and got upgraded to a jacuzzi suite. Nice.:)

tub in the Doubletree suite

I rested here for a bit before heading back to my place to do some preliminary moving to get ready for the guys to come in and rip out my floors. It’s going to be so weird seeing concrete slab in my living room and dining room! The technician said it can take weeks to get construction work approved too. Hopefully it won’t take that long to get my new floors in!

I later met Guy at an outfitters so he could help me pick out some super-warm thermals for my trip. I got some expedition weight Patagonia stuff, along with a new hat and some new mittens. I will be so warm and stylish…woo hoo!

After dinner and helping Guy brainstorm some ideas for work, I came back to the suite and took a shower and relaxing hot bath. I so needed that.

Anyway, I am anxious to get some of this repair/insurance stuff worked out before I leave for vacation, as I’m gone for a week and waaaaay out of cell phone range. I’m trying to stay positive though…whatever’s not done before I leave will just have to wait until I get back. That’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Have you ever had a Doubletree cookie, by the way? They are heavenly! You can even order them online.

Feel free to send me a sympathy shipment anytime!;)

December 30, 2003 - 12:04 pm

Ron - Wow.

Maybe you can look at this as blessing in disguies, as the impetus to get those changes made that you wanted anyway. At least the timing of the flooding and you wanting to change some of the things lined up, kinda.


it could always be worse

My condo flooded today.


But let’s come back to that.

Last night I took my parents and Guy out to dinner. We were going to go to PF Changs but the wait was an hour! When you’re as hungry as I was, an hour is waaaaay too long. So we instead went to the Cheesecake Factory, where the wait was a more reasonable 30 minutes. Dinner was good, and it went as expected…Dad was corny and Mom quietly listened and piped in when she really had something to say. I really do love my parents. They are really cool, especially because of their quirky qualities. I mean, my dad wouldn’t be the dad I grew up loving if he didn’t have a silly joke to crack or a Dallas Cowboys factoid ready at all times. And my mom wouldn’t be the same if she didn’t roll her eyes at Dad’s silliness. It was neat watching Guy interact with them—his smiles were genuine, his interest real. It was really cool…as I observed him, he became even more attractive to me, which is really saying something.

Today, Guy and I went to the premium outlet mall to do a little post-holiday shopping. I got some good deals on Kenneth Cole shoes, a king blanket (I’ve been spreading a twin blanket over the too-big mattress), and some goodies for an upcoming birthday. While in line at one store, I had to exercise extreme patience and civility.

There was a woman with a stroller in front of us, and the baby was excitedly playing with a kitchen gadget…one of those bar strainers. It was frightening watching the little girl twirl it around and wave it through the air before slamming it into her face and putting her tongue all over it. I thought for sure she was going to poke an eye out with it, and it took all my strength to refrain from saying anything or just reaching down and taking it away from her. The mom and her shopping companion seemed totally oblivious to the danger, as they looked at the child several times and seemed satisfied that she was occupied. Guy and I traded frustrated looks and shook our heads.

Then, as they were about to leave, the bar strainer was taken away—and was replaced by a pair of sunglasses to play with! I watched as the child happily raised the glasses to her face, just missing an eye with the pointy end of an arm. Aargh. I’m not a mom, nor do I even have babies in my family, but it seemed like common sense to know that those items were dangerous!

When we finally returned to my place, we found around two inches of water standing in my dining room and kitchen. My beloved new dining room table was covered in water, but my Canon G3 and laptop for work, which were sitting on the table, were luckily spared. Water was still dripping quickly from the ceiling. The laundry room was soaked. Even my bedroom and master bath were wet. Apparently the washing machine hose upstairs burst. I found this out when I went upstairs to ask my neighbor. I called my insurance company, and then called the owner of the upstairs unit, only to find out that he had no idea it had happened…the renter hadn’t called him about it. Sheesh. So now I have to try to figure out who pays for the repairs and get someone out to look at the damage to my ceilings, walls, wallpaper, carpet and hardwood floors. And I leave for Whistler in a week, and I’ll be gone for a week.


But hey…it could always be worse, right?

My ceiling could have fallen in!
The walls could be crumbling!
Someone could have broken in, stolen all my stuff, and then burned my condo to the ground!


December 29, 2003 - 7:24 pm

Wendy - That happened to me the week I bought a used washer and dryer. I hadn’t even used them yet, but they flooded the 2 apartments below mine while I was at work (since I’m on the top floor, my place had minimal damage). My floors were wet, but the apartment below mine had a waterfall effect in her ceiling – the leak was not noticable from my place. Neither person below me had renters insurance, either!

December 28, 2003 - 9:41 pm

Sharon Cuartero - Sounds like you handled the flood with your humor still in tact! I hope who ever is responsible pays up! Good luck! =)

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