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I’m still here!

Just super busy. Super exhausted. Super behind on blogging. But hey…look at how pretty this cupcake is! It’sView full post »

but first…getting ready!

I will come back to this weekend’s festivities, but first, here are some long overdue photos from our wedding dayView full post »

a birthday, ikea, and cupcakes

This weekend was incredibly busy, and it included—you guessed it—a birthday, a trip to Ikea, and cupcakes.View full post »

making blackberry sorbet

I made blackberry sorbet the other night. It was beyond delicious. And now I never want to eat store-bought sorbet againView full post »

aren’t they cute?

This is RH’s best man (who is actually also “RH”) and his wife JH. I recently took some photos forView full post »

yes, we are now *that* couple.

A few weeks ago (rather, the very day they came out), RH and I got new iPhones. Yes, we waited in line for hours to getView full post »

flip flop FAIL

My wedding shoes crapped out on me today. While out in public. FAIL.View full post »

my dad was with me on my wedding day.

During the course of my relationship with RH, one of the things that has gotten me the most emotional is my sadness thatView full post »

my wedding flip flops

I usually spend a good 98% of the summer in flip flops. So it was only fitting that I ended up wearing them on myView full post »

nutella-filled chocolate cupcakes

Last night, I baked something to take to work for a birthday. I tried something new: Nutella-filled chocolate cupcakes.View full post »

a really fine day

Yeah, it was awesome. These are just a few images from our wedding day, taken by Stacey Bode Photography. I’ll beView full post »

just one reason why brunch weddings rock

Can you say mimosas? Photo by Stacey Bode. More to come when I get back from the beach!View full post »

trying to tone it down

I looked at my last few posts and realized that I was exclamation point happy! So many titles with exclamation points!View full post »

sweet french toast!

Last week, I took advantage of the holiday by making a special breakfast for me and RH: crème brulée french toastView full post »