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another monday down

My KFC audition on Saturday went fine. I went into the casting with two other people, a pretty, funky African-American girl and a cute Latin boy. The casting director had the boy stand between me and the other girl, and we had to act like we were having a great time with old friends. We chatted and gave big laughs, danced when the casting director turned on some music, and grabbed each other around the waist for the ending I-love-my-friends-so-I’m-flashing-a-big-grin-at-the-camera moment.

Guy drove me to the audition and waited outside. I had funny thoughts of seeing him come inside because someone had talked him into auditioning. You know, people are discovered like that all the time. When I finished and left, I found Guy sitting outside in the shade. He said the casting folks went outside for a smoke break and thought he was an actor there to audition. “Why don’t you go in and audition?” the casting assistant asked him. “They’re looking for normal people.”

Commercials are weird to me. And to think that the people in the commercials you see all the time are making around $20k for a day of smiling and laughing.

After we left the audition we went up to Lake Lanier. We were going to meet some friends at a party after Guy and his sister gave their mom her shiny new Mother’s Day present—an iPod.

I loooooove my iPod. Guy gave it to me for my birthday and I pretty much have it with me all the time. What an awesome gift! Apparently his mom is enjoying hers so far. My friend Wendy, on the other hand, got one for Christmas and never uses it. She’s not as much of a gadget freak as I am. She’d rather have a Coach purse instead. 🙂

Anyway, when we finally got out on the lake, we headed off to find this party. Lake Lanier has so many freaking coves! We got so turned around and entered the wrong cove I don’t know how many times. I honestly didn’t think we were going to make it. Thank goodness for cell phone coverage. Our friends were able to direct us to the right place. It was a fun party—good snacks and good conversation. And I always get a kick out of watching Guy drink beer. Heck, I even managed to drink half a Miller Lite myself.

After we left the party, it was dark and the lake was practically empty. I wrapped my bare arms and legs in some towels and cuddled up to Guy for warmth. We glided over the water, which shimmered with the reflection of the twinkling stars in the sky. At one point, Guy leaned over and whispered, “You look pretty at night.”

I felt like I was in a fairy tale.

I must admit, it is awfully nice having a sweetie. I think I’ll keep him. 🙂

On Sunday my parents came over and we went to dinner. Guy came too. We went to Goldfish, a mostly seafood restaurant at the mall. I know “at the mall” makes it sound cheesy or cheap, but it is neither cheesy nor cheap. Dinner was good, although my dad got something that was too spicy. I don’t understand how he lived in Korea for so many years and never got accustomed to eating spicy food.

Going out to eat made me remember how quiet Mom is these days. She had brain surgery nearly four years ago that left her partially paralyzed and aphasiac, among other things. She has a hard time coming up with words and pronouncing them correctly. I guess it’s probably hard for anyone who meets her now to realize that she wasn’t always that way. She used to be quite a talker, in fact. Ask my dad…she was really sassy and always had something to say. Now, though, I think it’s so frustrating and tiring for her to have a conversation that sometimes she just stays silent instead…it’s easier that way.

Sometimes I wish Guy had had the opportunity to meet her before her surgery so he could see what I see in my mom. It’s hard to see that now.

It makes me sad.

After dinner, we went back to my place and hung out for a little while. As much as my mom says she doesn’t want a dog in her house, she really seemed to enjoy petting Kona. I suggested that Kona spend the weekend with them sometime and Mom seemed open to that. I know that my dad really would like to have a dog, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Perhaps having Kona for a weekend would be fun for both of them though.

Anyway, I am tired and I need to go to bed. Jamaica is in less than three weeks! I can’t wait…sleeping in every day sounds absolutely wonderful!

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